Hi, I’m Catlin- more informally known as “Cat”. I’m a small town, farm girl turned college graduate and perpetual explorer in a mid-sized, Wisconsin city. Having fun and being silly is what I live for. It took me a long time to learn to embrace what makes me, me.24129837_1708697229155179_3625044057302695724_n

While I graduated with a degree in political science and a minor in public relations, I’ve got many passions to share: makeup, fashion, skin care, hair care, bad puns, and bubbly–just to name a few. I decided to create this blog to reach out to my fellow community members- as a way to connect with people with similar interests, to teach, to learn, and to share. My goal here is to create a hub in which I can entertain you, help you reach supportive and like-minded new friends, as well as introduce you to new products, stores, and services. I promise to keep all reviews real and informative, what I know I hereby promise you shall also know. This family is built entirely on transparency, because that’s just how we role!

For any other questions, tweet me at @CatlinSMiller or follow me on Instagram @PastaFish. Likewise, reach out to me on Snapchat by adding me via username: PastaFish.


Lots of love,