Welcome to the blog, Fam! Aprilskin soap review


I think I’ve been talking about this for forever now, and it’s finally here! I’m excited to officially welcome you to our blog, where you can find all things Cat, makeup, fashion, hair and skin care, and bad pun related. And wine… and bubbly… so much wubbly. That’s our new word now, ‘ight? Great.

Without further ado, here is the first official review/recommendation, chose specifically because April will forever be an important month for this blog:

Aprilskin’s Magic Stone

5/5 am already recommending.

I have found the holy grail of all-natural facial soaps for my oily-skinned Fam, and it’s super cute! Korean skin care (being an unholy 10-15 steps long) is uber hot right now which is how I stumbled across these little pals:Aprilskin1

So… before you get all “hold the phone” on me- I know these are black and look strange, but I’m pretty sure that’s because one of the main ingredients is “Gangwon-do hardwood charcoal”. I’m thinking charcoal gotta be hard thing to cover up, ya know? Anyhow, charcoal is in now for facial skin care because it cannot be adsorbed or metabolized yet it does manage to pull dirt, bacterial, and micro-particals out of your skin, leaving you with a great complexion! And I’m for real when I tell y’all that’s exactly what this strange
looking bar of soap does for me. And it gets better! I’ve been using this stuff for months now and it’s just starting to show some wear, so you’re definitely getting some bang for your buck, Son.

 What’s to love:

So, there are two styles to these moon stones: the gray and the black. I use the gray one in the mornings as a slightly less intense cleanser just to get the night off of me. The black one is a little heartier and does a great job removing makeup from anywhere but around my eyes. Seriously… don’t get this in your eyes. Both leave my skin feeling squeaky-fucking-clean while filling my bathroom with a pleasant, earthy/clay aroma with subtle floral undertones. I would have expected nothing less of a productAprilskin2 with also uses olive, castor, palm, coconut, and sunflower seed oil alongside Shea butter and pearl powder (I have no idea what this is, but it sounds hella niiice).

These soaps are meant to be lathered up in your hands and then lightly rubbed into the skin via your fingers. The instructions say to leave the lather on your face for 30 seconds to allow the nutrients to be absorbed into your skin before rising it off. Some people complain that these soaps leave a film on their skin, but I think that’s just the trade-off for natural soap with so many benefits. Either way, I’m a toner person and usually follow up my face soaps with a dab of Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner on a cotton round and some facial lotion.

Despite the long list of oils used in the ingredients list, this soap is anything but oily. As a matter of fact, I recommend this soap to people who have regular, combination, or oily skin, but hazard people with already naturally dry skin as this stuff may dry you out. As long as you use a moisturizer though (like you always should be!) you’ll be golden, Fam.

Where to get it:

There you have it! The only drawback is that these soaps get sticky after using them and leave loads of residue behind, so be sure to keep them in an easily washable soap dish on your sink. But, hey, soap dishes have a tendency to make everything look totes swank, so it’s worth it.Aprilskin4

I’mma throw it out there that I can’t find these soaps on the actual Aprilskin website, so I’m including a link to where I bought them on Amazon below as well.

Lots of love,

Aprilskin Website
Buy on Amazon


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