The time a lady squirted me with glass paint at work//Freeman’s Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

IMG_2383So, the other day, I’m at work (a thrift store) and I’m just doing my thing when an older lady walks up to me and tells me she wont be buying this glass paint if it’s all dried shut like the last ones she bought were. I just kinda look at her like, “….Okay?” Eventually it becomes obvious she wants me to walk over to the department, get the bag of paints, and open it for her so she can inspect the paints herself without getting in trouble for tampering with sales stickers and packaging. Sure- whatever. I do just this. Then, she holds the tube of paint in my direction, pulls the cap off, and the paint goes flying everywhere, ending up in my hair, on my face, across the apron, and, most annoyingly, on the sleeve of my favorite UW sweater. I’m holding my breath at this point like, “Don’t flip a tit, girl”, while I try and muster up a smile. The lady laughs and proceeds to have me open the rest of the MileyGlitterpaint tubes so she doesn’t get any on herself and I end up walking away looking like Miley Cyrus from Future’s “Real and True” music video. I’m thinking, at this point, where the hell is my medal of honor? Never was I so happy to wash up in a public restroom.

And, you know, that’s the magic of skin: even permanent inks and paints wont stick around forever (if you don’t want them to, anyhow). Most days I enjoy working at the thrift store, but it’s a dirty job in the sense that everything is covered in a thick layer of dust, dirt, cobweb, pet hair, mold, you-name-it. These are exactly the kind of things that dry your skin out or are catalysts for a whole slew of skin problems, including clogged pores. The easiest way to maintain healthy, happy looking skin is simple: keep it clean and hydrated. This is exactly why I keep Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Mint and Lemon Clay Mask in my arsenal of skincare products.

Clay mask: How does it work?

IMG_2384This product claims that the clay absorbs oils from the skin leaving you with a matte finish and smaller looking pores (This has proven true for me!). The mint and lemon are also supposed to help cool and soothe any skin irritation due to breakouts. I tell you what, it definitely sucks the oil right out of you, but I don’t know that I’d call it a soothing formula. Consider it: this clay is sitting on your face, pulling everything out of your pores. Is there really any room for it to be “soothing” as well? Let me tell you something: make sure this goes on evenly and you wash it off as soon as you know it’s dry. You’ll know it’s dry because it’ll start to crack and you’ll feel like your face is covered in Saran Wrap, nice and tight. If you leave it on for too much longer you’re going to have some irritated, burnt, patches on your skin: very similar to a sun burn. This is why I don’t use the product often and while it says it’s good to use on your entire face (excluding eye area but including neck)–I usually only use it on my T-zone, where I get the most oil and dirt built up, and only a couple times a month. Also, keep it the fuck away from your eyes, especially the first time you use it. This stuff is strong, and while it smells nice, your eyes will not be prepared for it and they will water. I only had this problem the first time I used it.


This product is not something you can just get away with slapping on real fast in the morning. It’s got a toothpaste like consistency and requires a lot of product to get evenly spread which means it can be a little messy. Depending on how much you put on, the drying time should be somewhere around 5-7 minutes. Then comes the art of taking the mask off. Since it goes on so thick, it takes a little scrubbing to make sure you’ve got it all off. I heavily suggest using a soft towel and some cool water for this. Be sure not to tug on your skin any more than you need to and to wipe in upwards directions (if you’re worried about wrinkles). I frequently follow up with some toner, but always remember to use a facial moisturizer afterward, otherwise your skin will just over-produce natural oils to compensate for the fact that you literally have none after using the mask.


While it may sound like more of a hassle than it’s worth, it’s really not. This stuff works. Really, really well. Your skin will literally feel squeaky clean and your pores will look better. All it requires is you to pay a little bit of attention and to have some patience. It also makes for a great spot-treatment for any blemishes you have or are getting, so don’t giphyforget that you can use any product in any way that works for you. Freeman is currently undergoing some re-branding, or something similar to that effect, so they do not currently have a working website. However, you can buy this product for around $7 from places such as Target, Ulta, Walmart, and Sally Hansen, making it an affordable and easily accessible mask for my oily skinned, breakout prone (including menstrual breakouts) fam! Once again, this a ride or die product I’d be lost without and I hope it works just as well for you. If you’ve ever used this product, or any of the other masks by Freeman, leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts!

Lots of love,


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