Onward and Upward // Part 4

Holy shit, you guys, things have been fucking nuts lately. Today is the first day since I started my new job that I haven’t felt like death or in serious need of a 4 hour nap, and I’m not even fucking around with you right now. Most of the time I get up, go to work, come home, pass out, get up to make/eat food, watch some Hulu, and fall back asleep again. So, obviously, there hasn’t been a lot of time for blogging–but it feels great to finally be back at the keyboard and keeping you guys in the loop. And to be drinking hard, lime seltzer water and testing the longevity of my Marc Jacob’s lipstick against sour cream and onion toasted Ritz chips (my current obsession of the last two months) and watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.

So, let’s start where we left off:

In my last few days of employment at my old job I experienced a serious amount of “fuck you”, which I felt was incredibly uncalled for. I can’t say I was entirely surprised, because in one way, it had always been like that except that the managers and staff were better at covering it up behind good intentions and fake smiles. This happened to drag out my “so, you want to play that game?” attitude which resulted in a lot of straight-up “You’ve been treating so-and-so like total shit,” and “You know why you can’t keep a support leader? Because you’re a psychotic person who likes to team up on people and make their work lives miserable”. WHICH, in turn, resulted in plenty of conversations that ended, more than less, with a “God, I’m glad you’re leaving”. Holy shit, I could have smacked somebody.

Weirdly enough, the one rude thing that somebody said to my face that I didn’t even think twice about, was the one thing pissed off many of my co-workers and probably resulted in ensuring that the rude employee doesn’t get to come back next year for the seasonal hire position. And here’s how it went:

I was sitting in the break room with a few co-workers when one of them spoke up and told me that I was going to be working at one of their favorite places to shop, and that they just couldn’t see me working there because I didn’t exactly have a professional vibe. And, you know, I admit that. I swear like a sailor and pushed my boundaries frequently at my old job. But that certainly does NOT mean that I can’t act like a civil person with manners, and I know that, so I just chose to ignore this comment. Unfortunately, the rude person did not stop there- she continued to go on saying that the people who worked there didn’t know what it was like to work in a real, professional environment because even McDonald’s had better morals and work ethic than this place did. The people who work here wouldn’t even know what to do with a “real job”.

Well, like I mentioned, I wasn’t the only one in the break room at the time. While I was able to just brush it off, one employee who overheard the conversation just went pale in fury and worked hard to keep their mouth shut while another tried to make light of the conversation and defend the integrity of the business. At the end of that very long 15 minutes, I walked out the room assuming it was over until I was sideswiped by the employee who chose to keep their mouth shut in the hostile room some hour ago. They wanted to make sure that I would be there the next day to explain what had happened on break that day with our store manager, in hopes that the store manager would realize the sort of attitude the rude employee had and how they really felt about the company and their peers. I agreed to tell the manager what had happened since it was apparently so important to my one co-worker because if it bothered them that much, then maybe there should be some repercussion.

Buuut, I didn’t work that next day and I totally forgot about it until the store leader called me into the office to talk about it. So, apparently the other two had given their stories, and the leader was curious to hear my mine. I shrugged my shoulders and told the story as impartially as I could. I suppose the leader must have had a talk with the rude employee because they eventually came an apologized, and while I don’t know what happened, I’m willing to bet they wont be invited back next year.

I doubt they meant to be as rude as they came off, but you really do need to thinking about what you’re saying before you say it. So, I accepted the apology since I wasn’t worried about it to begin with, but from what I heard, her apologies to the two who were actually upset by the comments didn’t quiet get a heart-felt apology. But, that’s none of my business. Before I knew it, I blinked and it was time to hand in my badge and my discount card. My manager gave me a big hug and I didn’t feel the tears start to well up until I was chased out the door by a wonderful, little old lady who I shared a lot of my life stories with, saying that “[I] was going to need this. It’s not much, but get yourself a coffee or something nice!” She then handed me a little fist full of $1 bills and hugged me before I left my very last shift.

So, while my exit from my old job was anything but smooth–I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t miss it. I don’t miss the work, and I don’t miss most of the leaders, but I do miss my little work family. I suppose that’s likely to happen when you work closely with amazing people for over 3 years. So, if any of you are reading this, then thank you for everything. Thank you for showing me how to work, for being my friend, for answering all of my annoying questions, and for being their for me when I hit my low points. I wouldn’t be the worker I am today with your guidance.

With that, I’m going to wrap up this blog post because if I started talking about my new job, this blog with quickly turn into a book. Stay tuned though, I’ve got some new job stories that are sure to make you laugh or question the humanity of anchor store shopper.

Lots of love,


Onward and Upward // Part 2


Alright, fam-a-Lamborghini (term I learned at the bar). Now that I’ve got nap in, paid my electricity bill, and taken my Sertraline, I feel that I am prepared to write to you of my interview experience.

Well, it went like this:

I walked in and immediately went to the nearest service counter to look for somebody who could help me find the HR lady I was supposed to be meeting. I’m feeling pretty conspicuous in what I feel is very obviously interview clothing, but this doesn’t seem to help me grab anybody’s attention. I realize they’re helping customers and move on to stalking around the store looking for somebody why maybe isn’t too busy to help. Eventually I run into a lady folding pants and I blurt out, “Hi, hello. I’m looking for M*****. Could you help me find her?” and I shit you not, she just about rolls her eyes at me as she picks up the mic from her lapel and asks if M***** is “radio-ed”. No response either of the times she did it.

Eventually she gives up and walks over to the counter I had just abandoned and asks one of the ladies working if they know where M is. They say no and the pants-folding-lady, who hasn’t made eye contact with me since she realized I was, in fact, speaking to her, commands in me a short, board breath to “go sit on the chairs by the mall entrance”. I’m sure I’m blushing bright red of embarrassment and guilt at this point, but I mutter a thank you before sulking over to the chairs, wondering what the hell is going on and if anybody is going to come find me. At this point, I’m really starting to wonder if I actually want to work here with bitch-zilla and the magically disappearing HR lady.

To distract myself, I start mannequin shopping from my seat when I see a pair of denim capris with super cute pink, embroidered flowers along the sides of the leg. I’m making  mental note of them because I’m thinking that even if nobody shows up to interview me, I could still buy these pants and salvage the day somewhat. (Note: I actually did not end up buying them because, like, I’m fucking poor). Little did I know how important those capris were going to be.

At this point I’m literally half way through my, “WTF do I do now?” text I’m intending to post to my family’s group chat when, LOW AND BEHOLD, M***** finally shows up. She had  apparently been in a different interview with a girl who brought her mom along. Like… is that normal? To bring your mom along? While M finishes up with them, I check the time on my phone. I’ve literally only been in the damned store for 15, maybe 20, minutes, but it feels like my muscles may have rusted in place. This becomes increasingly clear as I return M’s hello and reach to shake her hand: suddenly my arm weighs 70 pounds and I think I might knock this poor, cute, mousey looking lady unconscious with my dead arm.

And, really, that’s all the worse it got because the rest of the interview was a piece of cake and M and I both realized I’d be an awesome fit for this place! While she walked me up the stairs to the interviewing room, I commented on how I’d been admiring the flower capris downstairs. M literally stopped to look at me and was like, “Ohmigosh, I know! Every time I walk past them I think about how functional they are!” The deal was cinched right there–we was vibin’ way too hard. We spent the rest of the interview conducting formalities and laughing. I told her about my interview with the thrift store I work at now:

It was hot as tits up in that bitch, and I had been seated in a plastic chair. Once I got up to leave I noticed that I was peeling my shirt away from the back of the chair and made the mistake of looking back at it. Sure enough, I left a big ol’ sweat imprint of both my ass and back on the chair. I didn’t event know what to do: laugh, cry, flush in embarrassment? So I just kept walking, hoping my soon-to-be manager didn’t think I was some sort of slimy mutant. #SexyAF.

After the interview, M asks if I have time for her to show me around the floor. I oblige and half-way through the tour we get interrupted by a very upset employee with a children’s, transparent, plastic handbag displaying her pills, keys, and cigarettes. She starts telling M about how she thinks so-and-so should be moved to a different department because (in more polite terms) he’s a moron out to get her and she doesn’t feel like she should have to come to work and instantly be put into a mood where she thinks she’s going to have a meltdown because all of her hard work was ruined by a stupid employee later that night. I’m thinking this girl is really overacting and that the person she’s complaining about sounds like they need better training. While I’m eyeing up all of the cat hair on her yoga pants, wondering if I’ll be able to get away with the same thing, M does an excellent job calming the employee down.

Click me!


“That’s one of the only times somebody has come up to me with a big complaint like that,” M says, trying to reassure me that I haven’t just agreed to working in hell. I get it, shit happens, so I’m not too worried about it. I let M know that I was so grateful for the opportunity to talk with her today before confirming that I haven’t been scared away quite yet. I then stumble my way through the mall in a haze, working what in the serious fuck just happened, when I bump into Jeremy who’s bought me 2 new eyeliners from Ulta as a congratulations present. At this point, I don’t even care about the clusterfuck that interview was, I now have a dip eyeliner with a new eyeliner brush. Yass, boy, yass.

But I was sorely mistaken that this would be the weirdest part of the career transition. You guys are going to have to hold your titties to get through part 3: handing in my 2 week notice.

Onward and Upward // Part 1

Alright, peeps. If you didn’t know, I currently work at a thrift store- the same one for the last 3 years. Lord knows I’ve have my good times and my miserable ones with that place, but it never stopped being home because eventually your co-workers become your friends and family after you’ve spent so much time with them.

But the day has finally come that I gave my official two-week notice. And shit, was it ever hard. Firstly because I already miss by bro-pals, secondly because I knew my managers wouldn’t much like the news, and thirdly because the entire thing gives me anxiety on a level I cannot describe.

But I was not destined to be an entry level employee at a thrift store for my entire life, and with all of the inevitable changes coming up in the next few weeks, it feels like the right time for a switch in careers. In order to be closer to home, and make a little more money, I started throwing my resume out here and there, not trying especially hard but not slacking off either. Eventually I got a call from a store in the mall asking if I would be interested in setting up an interview with them.

And I am like, “… Yass”. So it is set for the next week at 11:30, just walk in and ask for M****. Can.fuckin’.do.

In the mean time I don’t tell many people because I don’t need that getting out and having my managers on my ass preemptively. And I didn’t start getting nervous about it until the day before the interview. I kept telling myself, “Getting this job would be an awesome bonus in life. But if it’s not meant to happen right now, that’s okay. You still have your thrift store fam. No bridges burned. Let’s keep it that way.” But of course, that doesn’t really help with anything.

Most of my anxiety reaches its precipice when I feel like I have no control over a situation. In order to make myself feel better about something, I have to make sure I am prepared and know what to do if something goes horribly wrong (although, let’s beIMG_3394 honest: it never does). One of my coping mechanisms for the interview was to have “the perfect outfit” picked out long before the actual interview. Thankfully my mom-squad is pretty dope and was up for the challenge immediately. I jumped into my grandma’s van one afternoon and we spent hours milling around the mall with my mom, hunting for the necessary ensemble pieces: blackonblackonblackonholonails. We all had my Pinterest inspiration photo saved to our phones for ease of reference: shit was getting real–and we had an equally real budget of, like, $0.50.

After finally nailing the outfit down I went straight into worrying about what my  makeup was going to look like, as being at a cosmetic counter will (hopefully) be  part of my new job really soon. I spent 2 hours practicing a perfect “natural” bronzy face with a lightly smoked out brown shadow and satin pink lips. At this point, I came to realize I was about as prepared as I could be (considering I had been interviewing myself in my sleep over the last 3 nights).

Eventually the interview day arrives and I can’t eat anything all morning because I’m so anxious I’m nauseous and sure I’m going to die. I eventually get myself into my Worthington’s ankle slacks, a black sweater from the GAP with the sleeves pushed up my forearms and the front tucked into my pants, and my sick new grandma kicks (Walking Cradles, hahahahaha, wut?). I slap my face on in record time and pull my hair out of my face with a clippy and regret having got up so early because now I’ve got “time to waste” which really means “time to psych myself out”.


Time goes by so slowly I think we may have reached the apocalypse. Yet I find myself in the truck, my holographic nails digging into the palms of my hands and my heart threatening to jump out my damned throat. I tell Jeremy, “You can’t go in with me, it’ll look like you’re my babysitter”, which makes him laugh, but he understands. He reminds me that I am going to slay the shit out of this thing and that he’ll see me soon before he starts walking towards a different mall entrance. I take a deep breath and realize that the closer I get to the door, the less nervous I am. Same thing always happened with presentations in school: I’d about shit myself from the anxiety build-up, knowing that I was going to have to get up there and talk soon, but as soon as I got up front all those nerves straight up died and I spoke with no problem at all.

I have no idea if there is a name for this, or if anybody else experiences it. But I absolutely hate anticipating things or having to wait because it’s always the same thing: freak out… zen out.

To be continued…

Trending, Online Dollar Stores

When I say I’m on a budget, I mean I’m on a budget. I’ve probably got enough money to pay the bills and then enough for a box of wine and lunches until payday. This does not mean that I have 30 disposable dollars to spend on a new shirt or concealer, but I might have $2 I can part with for a dope alarm clock with a floaty fish in it (keep reading)!

And I know I’m not alone in this, a lot of us struggle with the paycheck-to-paycheck life. That’s why I’m writing to you guys today about two legitimate online stores that I’ve recently run across and decided to put to the test. The first is a largely cosmetics centered store called Miss A that only sells one dollar products. The other is Hollar, which claims to be another online dollar store but also carries your favorite products at severely discounted rates in limited quantities.


Lemme hit you with the fact that this “online dollar store” sells everything: clothes, school supplies, non-perishable foods, cosmetics (of course!), technology, baby supplies, kids toys, and essentials like garbage bags, toothpaste, and laundry soap. I’m going to follow that up by reminding you all that the reason I am mentioning this store in the first place is because we all wanna know where the real deals are. I bought a 4 oz. hibiscus and coconut scented perfume for $1, a floating fish alarm clock for $2, and Revlon’s Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse Makeup for $3, amongst a couple other things that got me up to the $10 limit. As a mater of fact, I haven’t seen anything on this site for more than $9 since I’ve started stalking it.


I can hear you slamming on the breaks already. Seriously, hear me out. A 10$ purchase limit make sense you when take into account how much money these guys would lose in shipping if they sent everybody a $20 product for a buck or two. Plus, it’s almost guaranteed that the first item you put in your cart was originally worth more than $10 to begin with, so it’s sort of like a buy-on-get-nine, or five, or whatever- free!

Also, before you get thinking too hard, read this block quote from an article on the history of Hollar:

The other hurdle Hollar has to cross is winning customers’ trust that the products on its site aren’t scams or knockoffs, but the real thing.
People assume a $2 toy is low quality, but Yeom insists Hollar has been selective about the manufacturers it partners with,.
Many of the items it receives are from closeout sales, so yes, that OPI nail polish is really OPI and that box of Oreos really are Oreos. Its beauty section sells brands from Revlon to L’Oréal. Its snack food section has items like Cheerios and Kraft Mac and Cheese. The $1 pregnancy test it sells is just as FDA-certified as the ones you can pick up for much more inside a Walgreens.

-Business Insider

So, hopefully that helps put to rest any “it’s too good to be true” ideas you had knocking around the inside of your head. But if you still don’t believe it, check back soon because my package is on the way! (So, add speedy delivery to the pluses for these guys!)

Plus, Hollar comes with a really great $2 referral incentive that works both ways.  You receive a referral link and each person who clicks it, and actually buys something off the website, will earn $2 credit to their account. In return, you also got $2 in credit added to your account. Best part is, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, so long as they’re not returning customers or somebody in your household.

Everything about this is pretty great, right?! And, if you’re like me and love stocking up on essentials with great deals, you’ll be even happier to hear that Hollar waives their shipping fee after you spend $25. But be sure to shop fast. While the “only X left in stock” banners may seem like a stupid gimmick to make you buy something, these guys really do only have so much stock on hand. You will need to move fairly quickly if you want the last one of anything. That’s half the fun though, along with sweet deals and a constantly changing inventory to scroll through.


Here’s the scoop on Miss A: they sell everything beauty related for $1, including lashes, brushes, lipsticks, nail polish, and hair ties.

The catch: you get what you ask for, but the quality isn’t always there. That said, I ordered a variety of things from them and was pleasantly surprised by the quality some of the $1 products where packing.

But, honestly, I think that’s all part of the fun. Somebody once told me you can make anything work if you just try hard enough–and I think that’s especially true with budget cosmetics (remember having to heat your eyeliner pencil up with a lighter to actually get any pigment out of it? That’s the shit I’m talking about).

Shop Miss A makes getting a hold of cheap makeup super easy by carrying what feels like full lines by companies such as: E.L.F, AOA Studio, L.A. Colors, Rich On, Amuse, and Santee. Shopping is made even easier by the amount of choices given so far as specific searches go and by the reviews displayed with each product. There isn’t much to say about this store other than it’s a budget friendly way to get creative and find awesome new staples for your cosmetics table. This is also a great store for buying fun gifts such as wine shaped and colored lip stains or Frappuccino dust plugs for your cellphone. And for a dollar, can you really go wrong?

For the record though, some sets and collections cost a dollar an item or less. But that’s still a steal: 24 new brushes for $20? Count me in.

I plan on writing a review of the Miss A products I purchased last week to give you guys an idea on what you may want to add to your cart right now or save your dollar on. If you’re in a hurry, I suggest watching this YouTube video by Laura Lee, which is where I learned of ShopMissA.com:

So, moral of the story: there ARE actually places on the internet where you can get high quality products without having to spend an arm and a leg. Be sure to check back for my full review on the products I’ve received from these two sites. In the mean time, happy shopping, and don’t forget to leave a comment saying whether you’ve ever bought anything from these guys or any other legitimate, online bargain stores you love buying from.

Lots of love,

We’re Back!! // Dove Dry Spray Invisible Antiperspirant & Vasanti’s BrightenUp!


Holy tits, you guys. We’re finally back in action! *searches for finger guns gif*


Seriously though, it’s been a few weeks and I haven’t posted a damned thing. It’s 100% my fault though as I was the one who continually decided I’d just “update my laptop to Windows 10” later. This ultimately caused the combustion of my lovely Samsung laptop and the start of my long blog hiatus as it’s incredibly tough to write full pages on the tiny screen on my iPhone SE.

But, I’m proud to welcome my new Lenovo Miix 320 to the electronics department of my household. I’m not gonna lie and say this machine is all I’ve ever dreamed of, but for my current purposes, capabilities, and wallet, its a damn good little trooper. I suggest this 2-in-1 for anybody looking for an affordable “laptop”-to-tablet for the occasional web browsing and Netflix-ing. It’s well capable of those daily tasks. Plus, it cute AF. (Please excuse any typos, this tablet also has a very small keyboard I’m still getting used to. And I usually proof read, but it’s 11:42pm and I want to get this out before tomorrow morning, but I gotta hit the hay because I gotta be to work tomorrow morning, too).

I’d also like to mention that I’ve taken to printing calendar pages and penciling in ideas for (v)blog posts while also penciling in editing and posting dates. I say “penciling” because I live the kind of life where I don’t know what I’m doing until I decide to do it because I literally hate making plans. Regardless, I know this will help me stay more on task because I’ve always been a list person. If I see it in writing, with a “due date”, I have no choice but to comply otherwise it just sits there in the back of my head until I do it. So, hooray for consistency!

Dove Dry Spray Invisible Antiperspirant and Vasanti’s BrightenUp!

Okay, so I’m sure nobody wants to hear about my armpits, but that’s just too bad because I’ve got a heck of a gem to share with you today, pals. I have been living for Dove’s Dry Spray the last few months and here’s why:

  • It claims to leave “no white marks on over 100 colors”. Toot toot, bitches. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Now, here’s what I’ve noticed– to an extent, that claim is true. If you take a piece of black clothing and spray the deodorant onto it you won’t see much of a white spot, if anything at all. However, the deodorant you put on yourself is likely to be a little thicker than a conservative spritz. That said, even if you do use deodorant sparingly, it still collects in the creases of your armpits.
    What the eff is your point, Catlin? 
    Point is, this stuff is pretty great for those cute sleeveless summer shirts you don’t want to ruin with big ‘ol deod’ marks. It’s also great for those who get deodorant stains on their sleeved shirts. The downside is, the accumulation of the deodorant you spray onto yourself is likely to leave a small white spot behind after you’ve worn in a while or if you put your clothes on right after applying it. I still recommend it though because it’s a HECK of a lot better than those greasy stick deodorant marks you can spot from outer space.
  • I am living for the scents. If you know me, you know that deodorant smells can be a big problem. Probably because I used to use a dollar store deodorant in the beginning of high school and I can STILL smell that awful mess. Regardless, these guys smell amazing and the aerosolized component makes it super-duper hard to apply too excessively. Disclaimer: DO NOT inhale while spraying this deodorant. More than once I have accidently sprayed myself in the face or thought it was a good idea to breathe while spraying down my armpits and got a solid lung of this stuff. It’ll dry out your throat and make you feel like you’ve been liking armpits all day. I warn you, DO NOT BREATHE WHILE APPLYING.
  • But seriously, buy this, you and your shirts and cute summer outfits will thank me.

Now that everybody is intimate with my armpits and my deodorant facials, I think we can move on to discussing a new godsend which I use to remove the day, and my deodorant, from my face: Vasanti’s BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator.

A) The name of this product alone is a mouthful, B) using it is like rubbing lotion laced with thousands of tiny slivers of glass or sharp sand granules all over your face.

Alright, it’s no secret that I am the queen of exfoliating. I get this sick enjoyment out of rubbing the top layer of my face off every other day. Surely this sounds messed up to anybody who is not familiar with exfoliating, but trust me: it’s not as bad as it sounds. If you’ve never heard of exfoliating, or what to learn more, I suggest clicking this link right here. Especially if you have older skin or are trying to proactively prevent aging. Seriously.

Back to Avanti, though. Avanti is not known for being a super affordable brand, unfortunately. If you’re looking for a cheap exfoliator that actually works, I direct you to a review on some of my favorite exfoliators, here. For 4.23 oz. of BrightenUp!, you’re looking at parting ways with $34. This is exactly why I likely would not have ever tried it except that I got a trial size of it in my June Ipsy bag.

Here’s what I love about BrightenUp!

  • For being an exfoliator, it’s very lightweight, which means that its moisturizing and brightening ingredients actually have a chance to be soaked into the skin instead of just being spread around by giant exfoliating particles.
  • It smells amazing. It isn’t floral or fruity, but more sterile/clinical/salve-y. To me, this just lends to the psychological factor that tells me this is working.
  • The exfoliating particles are made of biodegradable “micro-crystals”, meaning that they aren’t going to kill fishies when you rinse them down the drain. Even better, it only takes a pea sized amount to cover the majority of your face, so a little goes a long way making that price tag a little easier to justify.  Even though this seems like a small amount of product, it’s important to understand how saturated with micro-crystals the cream is. A pea sized amount is more than plenty to feel like those exfoliators are getting deep into every pore and wrinkle you’ve got: probably even the ones you’re imagining. Disclaimer: use a light hand when using any exfoliator, but especially this stuff. It literally feels like rubbing glass on your face if you press too hard, but feels soothing if you rub in light, circular directions.
  • Finally, the product claims to make immediately noticeable changes to a huge range of facial skin problems (see photo below) and I have to agree with them. While maybe not as extreme as I’d like, there is no denying that my face has been looking exceptionally awesome lately. You know, except for the small breakout I’ve got due to the fact I was too lazy to wash the makeup remover off my face the other night… Don’t judge me.

And, friends, that’s about all I’ve got for you today. I hope you have a good one, where ever you are. Be sure to check back soon as I’ve got loads of cool video and blog ideas. Plus… I missed you. And I forgot how much I love being able to do this in my free time. Thanks for all of the support, I’ll see you soon!

Lots of love,

Sexual Harassment // Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, as promised, this blog post was chosen by you! On my last post, I asked what you guys wanted to read next and, overwhelmingly, the answer was “Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks”. Honestly, I should have seen that coming… But, I’ve renamed our blog post to Summer “Beauty” Tips and Tricks because I came up with some ideas that might help you ladies (and fellas) out which are not necessarily makeup related.

REGARDLESS, I wanted to start this post with something I find incredibly important. If you don’t want to read it, scroll down (a lot) to skip right into my tips and tricks.

giphy (8)

So– I used to work at a place where I didn’t quite feel like my upper management gave much of a shit about how I felt or was treated in the workplace. And by that, I mean, I once literally asked for a behind-shut-doors conversation with the store manager and told him I felt like a sexual harassment conversation needed to be had during the next couple employee meetings.  Why?

  • I had heard, from one of my male work friends, that there was a lot of “locker room” talk going on about me and one of my work, female friends, in the back room. I don’t want to get too graphic, but just imagine bunch of 16-19 year old boys talking about what they’d “like to do to you” if they had the chance.
  • I constantly got hugs from guys, and I really don’t want them. I’m not anti-hug, but I’m not about random, overly frequent hugs for no reason. My question is: why do you need to be that close to me all of the time? I can only imagine.
  • I hate to admit it, but one guy even walked up to me and said that he liked “looking at my ass because it [was] great”. I mean, cringe.

You want to know my beef? Why my meeting with my store manager went so horribly? Why I had so many problems with that place?

Well, I told all of these things to my manager, saying that I’d rather not name specific people because it was a bigger problem than any one or two people. You know what he said to me?

  • “Well, I think your anxiety makes you see things that don’t really exist”, aaaaand
  • You ask for it, you’re too nice to the boys. I don’t want to sweep it under the rug, but I think you may just be reading into things”.

giphy (9)

OH MY GOD. Fuck you. Mind you, my store manager was a male, with a teenage daughter. I wonder how he would feel if his daughter came up to him and told him the same story I just described. I bet he’d be IRATE with that store manager. And he should be. You know why? Because it isn’t fucking funny. In fact, I can’t think of many things much more serious than the objectification and disregard for the female body and security in the work place. This was 100% unacceptable. And I realize that now. But, at the time, I just knew that I thought these guys were my friends and just needed a reminder that that kind of talk was NOT okay. I blamed lack of knowledge on work acceptable conversation and teenage male adolescence. I also didn’t want to start any unnecessary drama because this place was by no means good at discretely bringing up problems: I knew 110% that those guys would know I “narked” and I didn’t want that. This place was small, I needed as many friends and favors as I could get.

So, I walked out of the office with absolutely nothing accomplished and feeling like there was nothing I could do and that I did not have the support of my upper management. And there is literally nothing worse than knowing that for the rest of your employment you’re going to be subjected to “casual” sexual harassment and that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Talk about helpless and embarrassed. I learned my lesson the second I walked about of that office.

Ladies, if you’re uncomfortable, make as much noise as you need to. People may look at you weirdly for a moment, but once they put themselves in your shoes, they will understand. You do not need to live with this uncomfortable-ness. You are worth more than that. You deserve better than that. You shouldn’t have to work, let alone LIVE, in a world that makes you feel uncomfortable. If work does’t seem to care, somebody will. Please, for the love of god, SPEAK UP. Somebody will understand. Somebody will care. Somebody will help you. I promise.

giphy (10).gif

By now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Well, that’s a great story/PSA, Cat. But, what the heck? This has nothing to do with summer beauty”. The answer is pretty simple. I was on my way to Walgreens this afternoon to refill my anxiety prescription and pick up some new drug store, summer friendly, makeup when I was catcalled twice in less than a walkable mile.

Dear god. The first time was in the parking lot of  store a literally live across the street from. Some guy in an adjacent apartment complex kept screaming at me in a super awkward tone: “Oh yeah, oh yeah”! Like… gross. Please kill me. This is the last kind of attention I wanted to draw. The second catcall came when I was crossing the highway (Clairemont, for my homies). I was just walking, drinking my Starbuck’s s’mores frappuccino when some dude leaned out his window and kept whistling at me, “Hit me up, babe”!smores

This shit is just NOT okay, ever. To anyone. And I don’t want guys to assume I think they’re all pigs, because that is 100% not the case, and I’m well aware of that. In fact, a lot of the time, I take a male friend with me when I’m going anywhere because they seem to curb all of the unwanted sexual attention. Should I need a male body guard? Hell no. Do I really need one? Who knows–thus far I’ve been fine on my own, but god knows there have been times I’ve been seriously scared for my safety on my own. But I want you guys who think it’s cute to catcall or harass women to know, we will mess up your day. We have no patience for this inappropriate crap and many of us aren’t as “helpless” as we may look. Many of us are well trained on what to do in uncomfortable situations.

The point I’m trying to make here is that it is never acceptable for anybody to make anyone else feel like this: we don’t enjoy your catcalls, we don’t find it flattering that your following us, we don’t think it’s charming or cute when you inappropriately touch or comment on our bodies. It makes us uncomfortable, we may feel afraid. It stops some of us from living normal lives, wearing comfortable clothing, going on walks alone in the daylight (let alone at night). Simply: it needs to stop. You worry about you, I’ll worry about me. And with that, I introduce you to the first of my summer beauty tips.

Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks

  • Girl, you do you. Slay all day, and let nobody stop you. But be safe, be prepared.

    Not only in summer, but all year long. Be alert and help your fellow women when you can. If you’re not sure how to stay safe, try Googling “safety tips for women” or “what to do in the case of sexual harassment”. I’m including here a link to an article titled “How to live alone as a woman” and another titled “10 Ways for women to stay safe when traveling alone“.
    giphy (11)

  • Drink water, use sunscreen, buy decent glasses.

    Drinking water is the easiest way to keep your skin looking fresh because moisturized skin is your best skin. Trust me when I tell you you’re not using enough sunscreen. Sunscreen should definitely always be in your summer bag so you can reapply it as frequently as the packaging says you should (1 layer isn’t going to last all day, pal). But sun screen should also make an appearance on cloudy days if you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time because UV rays from the sun are still going to get to your skin. This is why you really should be using a sunless tanner and NEVER getting in a tanning bed–dear god, help me. UV ray exposure is also why you invest in decent sun glasses. Cheap ones may have the penny-pincher appeal, but when they’re doing nothing to stop the UV rays from getting to your eyes and skin, is it really doing anything? (Actually, the answer is probably yes, because even cheap glasses should keep you from squinting and tempting crows feet and fine lines around your eyes, but still). Click here to read why UV rays are so bad for your skin.


  • Put your sunscreen in your favorite foundation or invest in a BB cream.

    Your face is going to need protection too, and this is a great way to help solve that problem without costing you extra money and time color matching your foundation. Mix, in equal parts, your favorite foundation and your current sunscreen together either on a clean palette or the back of your hand, apply it as you normally would.
    The other option is to buy a lightweight (and light to medium coverage) BB (beauty balm) cream. Many time these BB creams will come with some kind of SPF already added into the formula for you. My current drugstore favorite is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream.

  • Always moisturize.

    It may seem counterproductive to moisturize your skin when you know you’re going to be sweating all day, but adding a little bit of your day oil/cream to your face is going to do wonders for your skin. As you wash your face you’re also stripping your skin of its natural oils which are what keep it healthy. As a result, your skin will begin to produce large amount of extra sebum to try and compensate for the fact that your face is so dry. This can result in greasy looking skin, clogged pores, and acne. Moisturizing your face adds back the necessary moisture and keeps sebum production at a low.

    Bonus tip: brush a THIN layer of powder over your moisturizer to help keep the rest of your makeup from looking cakey throughout the day.

  • When it comes to makeup, less is more.

    Your skin is already dealing with so much once you factor in the sun, sweat, moisturizer, and sunscreen. This is why I highly recommend using a BB cream rather than a foundation. It’s also useful to apply all of your makeup in thin layers and only put foundation on your t-zone (or the front of your face). Honestly, your face is going to be tanner and that added color is already going to hide whatever imperfections you have so well that you wont need a heavy foundation. Facial self tanners are their own thing and are offered by many companies, so research what will work best for your skin type and color. When it comes to the eyes, I’ve heard (but never personally tried) that the Maybelline Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon eyeshadows will last you all day, even in unbearable heat.

    Bonus tip #2: Waterproof mascara is going to be your best friend over the summer. You can use it to ensure your mascara doesn’t slide down your face due to sweat, but you can also use it (if you have darker hair) to fill in your eyebrows! Also, for perfect, summer-proof eyeliner, use liquid or gel formulas rather than wax pencils (which are easily sweated off).

maybelline color tattoo pencil

  • Powder products are your friend.

    While many of the currently trending makeup products are a cream or liquid base, these things are 100% certain to start slipping and sliding at some point during a hot, summer day. Powders really are key as they help to absorb excess oils and can easily be reapplied without the help of a mirror, mind you, to soak up the sweat and oil that threaten your makeup look throughout the day. Set everything you use with powder, even your cream and liquid formulas, doing so will help the watery formulas sink into your skin and stop them from rubbing or falling off. My current favorites are the Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 Translucent (it literally adds zero color to your face, meaning it wont mess with your makeup) and the Coty Airspun loose setting powder in Translucent Extra Coverage (can be used to either set foundation or used on its own as a foundation!). Both of these work wonders for holding your makeup in place.

  • Summer-proof pouts

    Dear god, do I love a good lippie look. Unfortunately, summer is not the ideal time for the majority of my favorite formulas. However, we don’t have to go all summer with naked lips (although nudes have been hot AF lately…). While drying, liquid lipsticks, when paired with lipliners to help stop color bleeds and runs, are much more transfer proof than most traditional lipsticks or glosses and lacquers. For a nude lipliner, I’ve been using the Model Co Lip Enhancer in Illusion Lip Liner. I switch between my two favorite, long wearing liquid lips depending on the day and the makeup look: either Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin or, for a more affordable option, NYX’s Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in 02 Embellishment. SO much love for these colors and formulas.
    Another great option is to just go in with your favorite, colored lip balm or gloss–reapply as needed!

giphy (1).gif

  • Lock it all in

    Regardless of how much (or how little) makeup you put on, it’s crucial to set it if you don’t want to going anywhere. And that applies to everyday, not just uber hot ones. Many brands have created setting sprays or priming and setting spray duos. These things get misted onto your face and lock those pigments in for the long run. They’re also super helpful in taking down some of the powdery look some makeup leaves behind. Thing of setting sprays as hairsprays for your face, except good for you skin! You can get them in a variety of formulas, each which claims to have different purposes: but they all have holding your makeup in place as their number 1 priority. I’m totally in love with Wet ‘N Wild’s Photofocus Setting Spray, it works and it’s fucking cheap. I love good drugstore finds!

  • You may be feeling like a hot mess, but your skin and hair don’t need to look like it

    If you haven’t experienced the magic that is dry shampoo, you’re about to have your life changed forever. Dry shampoo is exactly what it sounds like: dry shampoo. It’s basically an aerosolized powder which, when applied to the roots of your hair, clings to grease and is then brushed or shook out, leaving your hair looking clean, smelling great, and adding volume. Keep a couple full sized bottles at home, but also buy a travel sized one for your bag for on the go hair fixes. Jeremy and I have been religiously using Dove’s Refresh + Care, Volume & Fullness dry shampoo. Just spray onto your roots, rub it in, towards your scalp, and brush it out.
    Bonus tip #3: If you can’t run to the store and pick some dry shampoo up, baby powder also works. This is ideal for lighter hair colors as they are less likely to show any powder that may have not gotten brushed out, but I’ve heard that adding cocoa powder to the baby powder helps with that problem for darker haired people. Plus, it smells great either way!
    Finally, it’s about inevitable that your face is either going to start collecting sweat or grease at some point throughout the day. A great way to help clean this mess up without fucking up your makeup is to use blotting sheets. These are sheets made of a plastic feeling material that absorbs oils from your skin without picking up your makeup as well. Just dap it on the parts of your face that are starting to shine and you’ll instantly see an improvement! There are many ways to DIY blotting sheets, so these don’t necessarily need to be something you save up for. As weird as it sounds, toilet seat covers work as blotting papers as well as that paper you use to wrap fish up in. I don’t know, look it up, see what works for you.

giphy (2).gif

And, that’s all I’ve got for you.

Whew, sorry not sorry that that took so long to bust through, guys. But you literally asked for it! I hope that you found at least an idea or two that might help you out this summer. If you know of any useful summer beauty tips, leave a comment! I gotta stop being lazy and explain my love for Dove’s Sheer Fresh Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant to you guys one of these days: literally the best, clothes friendly deodorant there ever was, I’m convinced. Anyhow, thank you for having so much patients with me over the last couple weeks. I full explanation is in the works for this weekend, so, stay tuned!

-Lots of love,

Caturday Saturday! // Poll and Giveaway?!

Seriously, let’s skip the intro part today and just get right into the nitty-gritty. The poll is posted directly below in all of its poorly designed glory (but it was easy, free, and supported by my hosting site, so work with me, Fam). As I stated in my last post, I’m looking forward to writing more for you guys–but this time I want to know: What do you want to read? If we get 25+ votes on this blog, I’ll reveal a pretty sweet random giveaway chance in the next blog post I create, which you should vote on RIGHT NOW, before you forget.

Also, be sure to introduce your friends to this page as you can only vote once!
Let’s do this thing, guys!

Lots of love,

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Remember that time we hit 100+ viewers? // 2017 Fashion Photo Booth

giphy (7)

So, fellow scrubs, we fucking did it. We made it to over 100 individual viewers on Tuesday! I am so grateful for everything this blog has accomplished, I hadn’t even bothered to set goals because I didn’t want this to be a chore, but a passion. Yet, here I am, so incredibly thankful for the 100+ of you who have been so amazingly supportive and it’s blowing my mind. I promise I will find some way to make it up you, because you all truly deserve it. Thank you for making something that’s been so much fun for me something that actually, also, matters. I literally could not, and can not, do it without each of you. So, please accept my heartfelt “thank you” before we get into the special, 100+ blog post:

2017 Fashion Photo Booth

Do I work for Vogue? No. Have I ever been to a fashion show in Milan? Also no. So it’s important that you understand these are just my novice opinions on what’s going to be in this summer. Although, not to toot my own horn but, toot-motherfucking-toot, I have called out fashions trends months, if not years, before they actually “became a thing”. Including: white spring dresses, skinny jeans, return of crop tops, rose gold, and pastel pink accessories.

But, Cat. You dress like a total knob and don’t even match 90% of the time”. Well, thanks for the reminder, pal. My pockets have never been deep and, truthfully, I don’t give a damn. I might look frumpy or silly, but that’s just my personality- I know it isn’t for everyone, but don’t hate on my clothes just because it isn’t your thing, sheriff.

I’m including what I call a “photo booth” in the space below which includes photos taken from my pins on Pinterest or loves on Instagram. Just click on the photos that you’re most interested in (hopefully that’ll be all of them) and a brief description, by me, will also appear in case the photo isn’t self explanatory. If you’re on a computer, you may have to use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to view the full description, but scrolling works fine on cellphones. Before we begin, I just want to thank you all one more time, you have truly been great and this blog has been a bigger adventure than I would have ever imagined it could be. Let’s keep it going!

Whew! These posts take much longer to assemble than one would think they should. But it is so worth it. I hope you found something you’re totally living (or dying) for and excited to try out this summer. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to either leave a message on this blog or on the specific photo you’re talking about. Don’t be shy!

Also- I’m hereby promising to post more often, so hold me to it.

Lots of love,

How Farming Simulator 17 could help calm your anxiety

Yes, you read that correctly. And I’m sure you’re thinking this article is going to be full of shit because how in the hell will a farming game possibly help me when I can’t help myself? Prepare to be amazed.

giphy (4).gif

First of all, let’s discuss Farming Simulator 17, created by Giants Software:

Take on the role of a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 17! Immerse yourself in a huge open world loaded with new content: new environment, vehicles, animals, crops and gameplay mechanics!

Explore farming possibilities over hundreds of acres of land, including a detailed new North American environment. Drive over 250 authentic farming vehicles and equipment from over 75 manufacturers…

Harvest many types of crops, including for the first time sunflowers and soy beans. Take care of your livestock – cows, sheep, chickens and now pigs – take part in forestry, and sell your products to expand your farm! Transport your goods with trucks and trailers, or load and drive trains to reach your destination.

Farming Simulator 17 offers rich online activities: play in co-operative multiplayer up to 16 players, and download mods created by the passionate community for unlimited content and an ever-evolving Farming Simulator 17 experience.

Steam, Valve Corporation

And if that isn’t enough to have you convinced that this is something you should invest in, then I don’t what ever could be. Except maybe this video (turn your volume on):

Seriously, guys, if you’re not living for this–I don’t even know. You’re probably a scrub, and that’s okay. I understand this isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea. But if giphy (5)you’re into simulation games, relaxing sounds and scenery, cute animals, and lowkey game play you can walk away from if you’d like, then this is going to be your jam.

Now that I’ve hyped you up, I’ve got some bad news. Sorry, my bad, I can be a shady bitch. This game is just about too good to be true, and I’m about positive that that’s why the price tag is as steep as it is… $34.99. I mean: Ouch, Cat, what the hell? But hear me out! It’s a one time purchase for your computer or your platform, including PS 3 and 4, VITA, 3DS, and XBOX 1 and 360. It’s also got unlimited gameplay and replayability. With so much content to be gone through and new mods constantly coming out, I find it hard to believe you could ever grow truly tired of this game. Plus, from what I’ve seen, the Farming Simulator community is an awesome, huge group of people to be in cahoots with. That’s worth more than $34.99 to me. Even so, I realize this may just simply be too much for some people to afford right now and that many people wont have a computer or platform that can handle this game. This is exactly why I introduce to you Twitch TV.

Twitch is similar to YouTube in that it’s a site where you can watch various videos. What’s different about Twitch is that it’s centered around watching people play video games (old and new) in real time (streaming live). This might sound completely pointless, why would you want to watch somebody play a game instead of play it yourself? Yet, the answer to that question is pretty simple:

  1. The person streaming the video and playing the game usually will have some kind of awesome personal quality such as being famous, being fucking hilarious, maybe just being plain entertaining to listen to, or super smart. A lot of the time streamers will play together and you can watch/listen to them as they play.
  2. You get to interact with the person playing the game. Most streamers enjoy suggestions, questions, or just general tomfoolery and conversation. You have the option to write comments posted under your username which show up in the “conversations” tab, meaning everybody watching the stream will also be able to view and reply to your comment.
  3. Sometimes you’re just too damned tired or lazy to actually play the game, but you want to experience it anyway. So, if you don’t want to drop the cash on the game, you can still “play” it vicariously with a bunch of potential new friends.
  4. A lot of the time popular streamers are given early access to games, meaning you can get a sneak peak before anyone else.

And then, you know, there’s always YouTube. Regardless of the channel you may pick to view through, I’m going to leave you with a suggestion: Sips. This guy is hilarious and does have a Twitch and YouTube account where he plays many games, including Farm Simulator 17!giphy (6)

And now that I’ve just talked your ear off–

What Farming Simulator 17 does for my anxiety:

So, I can’t speak for everybody when it comes to what exactly anxiety feels like or what the best methods for calming an anxious person down are. However, I can tell you that for me, keeping my mind busy and my body relaxed does wonders. Some people wonder why I always wear a sweater or I don’t get out of my bed during days off. The truth is that I like the weight of my blanket or sweater because it feels comforting. Other times people wonder why I don’t mind sitting in silence or why static, white noise doesn’t bother me. The key here is audio-therapy, these sounds (or lack thereof) are easy for me to focus on and either meditate or clear my mind of my anxieties. If you’ve ever been inside my room, you’ll notice that there are a lot of blankets, soft textures, candles, incense, flowers, and colored class vases. This all has to do with a calming aesthetic. I surround myself with things I like to look at, touch, smell. Things that remind me of home or simpler times. Things that look pretty and polished or perfect. All of this added together creates a perfect environment for me to bring myself back together, to remind myself that I’m alright, or to have a breakdown if I need to and know that I’ll be safe and comfortable.

As strange as this is going to sound, I’ve noticed that Farming Simulator 17 has the same effect on me as my bedroom does. The clucking of the chickens, the occasional moo, maybe the sound of some rain during the day and then the chirp of crickets at night. Thfarming-simulator-17-5e graphics of this game are amazing in that they aren’t 100% realistic, but they look beautiful regardless–especially when the sun sets or you look up into the cosmos during a clear night. I can sit in my robe or my oversized pajamas and collect eggs, run errands, walk around, sight-see, or watch my boyfriend play and grow crops or complete tasks–all while drinking wine or coffee in my bedroom. There is no hurry in this game, but there is lots to do on your own time, making it something that doesn’t get boring fast but keeps my brain busy.

I mean, you could just go to the countryside. But that’s not always possible. You could just listen to “farm sounds” on YouTube. But then you’re missing out on the landscapes. There’s just something powerful about how Farming Simulator 17 wraps all of these anti-anxiety elements together and it works for me. And I’m thinking it could very well work for any of you who also suffer from general anxiety and are looking for another outlet besides coloring books, sudoku, and Rubik’s Cubes. I think it’s at least worth a shot. If you download and play the game, or watch anything on Twitch or YouTube, leave me a comment and tell me if it worked for you. Also, don’t forget to share this with anybody who might benefit from it either.

Lots of love,